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Renov8fund? What's that?

Owning a business takes money and capital.  The End.  

As entrepreneurs, we know this, right?  Personally, I've NEVER met an entrepreneur that couldn't use more business credit, business cash or additional capital to invest in their businesses.  Have you?

So, what now?

The Path.  What's the fastest easiest pathway to getting business funding?  Obviously that depends on your particular, individual situation and business.  Everyone's path is different so we decided to take a different approach.    


When you think as a business owner or entrepreneur about raising money what place comes to mind instantly?  The bank, right?  Almost everyone does, it's like a reflex thought.  Need money? Bank.  The reality, banks only account for about 2% of all of the business lending in America.  

What's the other 98%?  That was my reflex thought, how about you?  The short answer, it's everywhere!  The question is, how do YOU get it for YOUR business?  Right?  Renov8fund works with a team of bankers, underwriters, compliance officers and processors by taking a different approach to the application process.  We work with our clients through the application process to specifically match them to a funding source who's requirements they currently meet.  We don't stop there though!  Once we've qualified our clients for the initial funding requests and help them get funded through one of our multiple sources, we then continue to work with them to build their file to become even more bankable and qualify for even more funding sources.  Whether it's a line of credit you're seeking, equipment financing, invoice factoring loans, business credit cards, merchant cash advances or many other types of loans or credit, we've developed a large network of multiple lenders and credit issuers that can meet any business funding needs.  That's why we have a 93% success rate!  There are many other advantages to working with us as well.  Personalized service with attention to detail being just one of them!  You're not just another "file" in a massive company, waiting on hold to get transferred to a live person who can actually help.  You will be given my direct line and I'm here to help and answer questions, offer advice or consult with anytime you need it.  Moving forward it is my goal to become your "go to" whenever you are looking for additional financing for your business and build a strong business relationship with all of my clients and customers.  Additionally, you may want to become a member of the Renov8fund Business Funding 411 Membership site that is PACKED with information regarding business credit and finance.  You have several membership options ranging from a monthly subscription or subscribe for an entire year and save over 50%.  This membership site allows you to learn and implement the necessary topics designed to help you build an incredibly strong, bankable business credit asset that will assist you both now and for many years to come as your business continues to prosper and grow!  It will also help you build your business credit to the extent that you will no longer need to rely on or be effected by your personal credit and/or personal FICO scores.  When first beginning the business credit building process, you may or may NOT choose to utilize your personal credit profile to begin.  Utilizing your personal credit is not necessary so long as you follow a very specific process for the first 4-6 months to establish your business's PAYDEX profile and score.  The membership goes into step by step detail of how that's accomplished. 

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If you haven't yet set up your business's credit profile or even know where to begin, we've set up a business credit membership where you can learn how to not only properly set your company up to maximize it's potential borrowing power but also how and where to start.  This can also be accomplished WITHOUT providing your social security number or personal guarantee meaning that even if you have poor or challenged personal credit, you can still be approved!

Access capital to fund your business

Funding 411 Membership

A Self Study Series Membership, designed for online, self paced education that outlines the steps many businesses take to secure funding from multiple sources, even as start ups.  You'll learn some "Insider Knowledge" that will show you how to get set up in a relatively short time to access funding for your business, regardless of personal credit.  Learn how to double your borrowing power, protect assets and limit risk by building & using business credit.

Renov8fund Business Funding Capital & Solutions

Small Business Loans  

Expansion, Equipment, Marketing, you decide!  

Turned Down by a Bank for a Business Loan?  So what?!  Banks account for less than 2% of ALL business loans made!  Let Us Take A Look!  

Our source has relationships with multiple business capital lenders for all different types of business financing.  Additionally, if your unable to get approved right away we don't stop there!  We work with our clients step by step to solve any issues keeping them from acquiring the business capital they need!  For More Details Or To Apply Send Us An Email:!

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