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Access to capital & credit is obviously one of the keys to building, running and scaling a successful small business.  That's why Renov8coach partners with a highly skilled team of compliance officers, underwriters and funding sources to help our clients get the funding they need.  

By taking a unique approach our team is able to assess both our client's personal and business finances and credit profiles, to maximize your potential borrowing power both now and in the future.  To get started, apply at or just click on the Renov8fund tab above and begin the process right from there.  

Once you complete the preliminary application, we'll reach out and guide you through the remainder of the application process and get to work right away on getting you the credit, cash or capital you need to make your business successful!  The process is fast & simple and some funding happens in as little as 24 hours!  Our process also does not effect your credit FICO scores!  

Business Credit Funding 411 Membership

The process of building and developing a true business credit asset is vastly different from the way personal credit is established and utilized.  Once you've developed your business's credit asset, the need for signing personal guarantees and proving your Social Security Number on the credit obtained for business use will no longer be necessary.  

Actually, your personal credit, regardless of it's quality, isn't even a factor.  Meaning that you can have bad personal credit but still have the ability to obtain and develop business credit.  True business credit is built by utilizing the business's  employee identification number or EIN for short.  

To help entrepreneurs and business owners understand the process, how it works, and how it is built and developed Renov8coach developed a business credit membership site. It's called Renov8fund's Funding 411.  Contained within the membership is everything you will need to know in order to understand, establish and build your company profile properly to maximize your business credit asset's potential and borrowing power.  

Credit limits obtained for business use are typically 10 to 100x's higher than limits provided for personal use.  The development process is much shorter and much more flexible when it comes to utilization and seeking new lines of business credit.  Going through the membership content will provide you with a step by step understanding and pathway in order to use the business's borrow power to make it even stronger, more profitable and more successful in the long run.  Our members can always reach out to me with questions, to strategize and brainstorm on different ways to fund and utilize funding to further their overall success.

Construction Business Coaching & Consulting

Owning a construction business can be a very rewarding and challenging undertaking.  Some entrepreneurs love working in the business itself but many get caught up in the day to day operations and lose their focus of working ON the business.  

Over the many years studying, starting and operating all of the different areas that must exist in a successful construction business one aspect that is always crucial to success has been establishing and operating the business using systems, processes and clear policies and procedures for everyone involved in the operations to rely on and follow.  

Owning and running a small business takes time and serious effort.  Eventually if you want to scale and grow your business to make it even more profitable the time will come when you are no longer either willing or able to do everything yourself.  You will need to recruit help in the form of employees, subcontractors, service providers, vendors, etc.  

To do this successfully will require everyone to have a clear outline of their procedures and responsibilities to operate within your business and perform according to the standards you have set.  Their success or failure to do so will rely heavily upon your outlined expectations with respect to each of the areas and activities that need to be executed properly to ensure your team and your business are successful in delivering your products and/or services.  

Renov8coach works closely with our clients to identify, dissect and clarify specific areas within their businesses so that a comprehensive plan can be produced and implemented in an overall business operations strategy and, "road map" to guide their team to success according to the business owner's wishes and expectations.  

Please feel free to set up a no obligation strategy session to discuss your goals and determine if working with Renov8coach would be a good fit for both of us in helping you move forward.  These calls are conversational and there is never a high pressure "sales pitch" involved.  The entire focus will be on determining whether or not working with Renov8coach will benefit and help you by delivering the results you're ultimately seeking. 

If after talking it feels like a good fit, great, let's do it.  If not, that's OK too.  

When it's all said and done, I just want to help!  

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